Interesting links (IMHO)
Photo Critique Forum One of the best photo critique forum, where you can send your photos and listen critique, helpful hints and praise of experienced photographers from whole world.
PhotoBlink Photo Competition & Forum Analogous site, there are well system of different ratings (photos of..., top 100), you can see all marks for every your photo in graphic form.
Photo Sight Analogous site in Russian. Have advanced system of ratings (photos of..., top 200, hall of glory).
PhotoArt of Nature Great collection of nature and wildlife images. Many partitions.
Mint place Soviet and Russian memorable coins of 1965-1996 (in Russian).
World Wide Coins ее century in coins of different countries.
BEER for any taste!!! Beer news, great collection of beer labels, regular reviews of new beer labels (in Russian).
World weather Weather of all continents for few days. Fairly optimistic site.
Orders and medals of the USSR History, images of all orders and medals of the USSR (in Russian).
Russian FTP-search Search of freeware programms in FTP-servers of Russia.
Adobe PhotoShop without secrets Many examples of creation of different effects in Adobe PhotoShop.


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