A little about someself

    My name is Sennikov Alexander.

    I was born May,1 in 1962 in village Vozdvizhenskoe of Stavropol territory (south of Europe part of Russia). By the way Michael Gorbatchev is my fellow countrymen.
    Probably therefore I love the sun and warmth. But I live in Moscow region where with the sun and a heat just not so. That is not that absolutely is not present, but... Not so.


   How many I remember myself - I always collected something.
    At first it were marks. At that time we lived in Moscow (father studied in military academy), and parents once a week gave me ~20 copecks for marks which I bought in the nearest news-stall. Marks cost from 1 up to 10 copecks at that time. During these campaigns for marks I have understood that there are their series. It was the greatest discovery which has predetermined much in my life. Now if something I had more than 3-4 subjects it named "serie" and I started to collect it.
    The following object - money of imperial Russia. Copper coins for some reason washed away a rain in a court yard in native village, banknotes sometimes came across in old books and magazines which we - real pioneers - gathered for a native country by going on apartments of neighbours (pioneers - the children's organization in school, paper was gathered for recycling, there was even a competition, which class will gather more). Then once I have brought to show my collection in school, have forgotten it in a pocket of a coat and collection was stole. It was very sad.
    Then I collected shells from various cartridges, samples of minerals, badges, marks on themes "Art", "Flora and fauna", "Space" - I didn't remember all.
    The new stage began from my receipt in institute. After 1-st year we worked on the Moscow Olympiad in 1980. Tourists exchanged with us badges and gave coins of you countries as a souvenirs - in result I started to collect foreign badges and coins. At the same time were issued 6 memorable roubles devoted to Olympiad-80. As it's uneasy to guess (you see them more than three!) I started to collect memorable roubles. There were 9 roubles - 6 Olympic and 3 old (60 years of revolution, 25 years of the Victory and Lenin's 100 years) in 1980. By the way I collect them till now.
    During study in institute I collected also bottles from vodka of a Moscow factory "Crystal". They stood on a shelf in our room in a hospice on the most outstanding place. It was our pride! But silly guys from operative group (group of students usually the senior years which keeping order in a hospice of other students and having rather big rights) have not understood us and have ordered to remove our collection, as (attention!!!) "presence of the big number of empty bottles testifies about mass hard drinking in a room". With all following. After that I started to collect only labels. Then I have stopped to collect vodka labelse (at their present abundance it's possible to become an inveterate drunkard), but I continue to collect beer labels.
    After trip to even Czechoslovakia in 1983 I have begun to collect foreign coins.
    When Soviet Union has stopped its existence I have decided to collect samples of all coins of the USSR (from 1921 to 1991). And shortly after that our money (both paper and coins) have started to vary almost every half-year - I was just compelled to begin to collect them. And I think I'll have some objects for my collection in the future.
    Also I collected badges with the emblems of cities of Russian empire.
    Now I taken a great interest in photographing of wildlife. Probably it's any version of a collecting - objects of nature and wildlife.